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We are a football related website and invite you to write for us about football news, matches, fixtures, reports and more:

writer for us

We have always insisted on providing quality content for football fans. But what is really good content? We believe it’s only when what you write adds value to your readers and they get something out of it. So, let us create it together!

If you are passionate about football and like to share your opinion and knowledge with others, join us, come to the platform “WRITER FOR US”, it will make your articles visible to more people.

What do you have to look for in “WRITER FOR US”?

unique content

People are always looking for new stories and innovative perspectives, and that’s good. But we also accept some quotes from authoritative website content, but you need to insert your comments, it will be more attractive for readers.

Content not related to politics, religion or race

We are a platform about football, we do not discuss politics, religion and race here.

Who do we allow to publish?

We only accept:

  • Individual
  • authors professional
  • writers
  • Freelancers

Your text should show that you have provided unique insights; citations within an article you have written should not exceed 20% of the entire article.

Topics we cover:

  • Football news
  • Football schedule

We cover subtopics related to:

  • five major leagues
  • European Division
  • Asian Division
  • North and South America
We will share your opinion: Show more people your love for football.
For more information, please contact the following email address: writer(at)passion-acmilan.com.